Friday 21 April 2017 -11:00 to Thursday 13 July 2017 -19:00

Collective exhibition of the 9 Media arts Creative Cities : Austin (United States of America), Dakar (Senegal), Enghien-les-Bains (France), Gwangju (Republic of Korea), Linz (Austria), Lyon (France), Sapporo (Japan), Tel-Aviv Jaffa (Israel), York (United Kingdom)

With the artists : BRIGHT WHITE (United Kingdom) / MIGUEL CHEVALIER  + ANNE ROQUIGNY (Enghien-les-Bains, France) / SIN DO-WON (South Korea) / NORIMICHI HIRAKAWA (Japan) / ADRIEN M & CLAIRE B (Lyon, France)/ VERENA MAYRHOFER (Austria) / OFFICINAMAMIWATA (Senegal) / RAN SLAVIN (Israel) / STUDIOMODO (United States).

DATA CITY © A. Poupeney

Collective exhibition of the 9 Media arts Creative Cities

This collective exhibition is a window reflecting the artistic effervescence of the media arts field, considering the city as a common denominator.

Each member city will indeed offer one or various artists’ work likely to confront the city’s DNA in digital terms and future tools.

The exhibition DATA CITY becomes a blank canvas to be mapped with alternative landscapes and new applications, which are fruits of our imaginations. An artistic space which compiles an inventory of possibilities, various virtualities or imaginary artifacts within alternative worlds.

Two themes emerge from this path of works of art.

  • Long opposed to the question of the city, here, nature is the starting point of landscapes made of interstices and resistance, like a blade of grass growing in the crack of a concrete block. It becomes the barometer of a known society but also a medium of artists who imagine new shores reshaped by technologies and… poetry.
  • Finally, the city of yesterday and tomorrow. How, in our societies and urban models increasingly avant-garde, do certain gestures and certain ideas – prejudices - persist? A light, a thought, the construction of a possible happiness for tomorrow, these fragile aspirations coexist with the desire for progression.

>> A bilingual catalogue (French/English) reflecting the whole dynamic of «media arts and design creative cities, following the exhibitions scheduled on the occasion of the XIth annual Meeting, will be published in June 2017. From one exhibition to another, this book identifies the artistic and political collaborations led on an international scale.


Discover several artists from the exhibition

BBOTS / Rebelling Nature

Fallen out of the cyberspace, BBot is a sculpture connected to Internet which projects the collections of works of art online. Like an exhibition in the exhibition, this program of works made specifically for DATA CITY, is presented in the form of an Internet browsing in real time.. The BBot « surfs » automatically, and projects on the spaces’ walls, a selection of works that evokes the question of Human action on our planet and its ecosystem. It is then possible to pursue imaginary territories with saturated landscapes, non- structured and volatile. The works reveal artificial panoramas, strange and sometimes post-catastrophical. Our perception is put to test by the vision of these pixelled worlds, where nature is rebellious and acts in an unpredictable way.




Miguel Chevalier works with light and makes it live through tools of our time, using all the resources of computer technologies. The Voxels Light series explores pixels in volume, presenting them in the shape of electroluminescent sculptures with coloured choregraphies. Resuming formally the urban fabric, its architecture and its streets, this installation tends to recreate a world of energy composed of billards of data, which design the city and our environment.




Ursulimum is a subterranean odyssea within an imaginary ancient medieval city with a futuristic look, found at 200 meters deep under the streets of Old Jerusalem. A young boy dressed as an astronaut, wanders in the infinite maze of history and symbols linked to sciences and religions. This experimental video is an imaginary search that tends to build complex and empty architectures in kaleidoscope, inhabited by magnetic fields, radiations and ghosts.





First, this installation is built as an encounter with a familiar object whose form, height and materials yet remain strange.

This recessed structure is a suggestive medium on which everyone let their imagination flourish. The frame, full of connections, interprets in a sensitive way, what revolves around her, transcribing sound and light of the environment to which it belongs and putting the rudiments of a communication with the outside world.

>> From June 30th to July 13th, a path of digital art works in the public space in the heart of the city will extend this first part of the collective exhibition DATA CITY.

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