Geopoetical crossings
Thursday 29 June 2017 -10:00 to Thursday 13 July 2017 -18:00

Two artists, Hortense Gauthier and Philippe Boisnard, offer a geographical path of the 20 cities of Literature in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network.

Travelling around Crafts and Folk Arts © Shutterstock
Friday 30 June 2017 -11:00 to Sunday 2 July 2017 -19:00

Interactive worldmap

In partnership with the 20 Crafts and Folk arts Creative Cities :

Al-Ahsa (Saudi Arabia), Aswan (Egypt), Bamiyan (Afghanistan), Durán (Ecuador), Fabriano (Italy), Hangzhou (China), Icheon (Republic of Korea), Isfahan (Islamic Republic of Iran), Jacmel (Haïti), Jaipur (India), Jingdezhen (China), Kanazawa (Japan), Lumbumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Nassau (Bahamas), Paducah (United States of America), Pekalongan (Indonesia), San Cristóbal de Las Casas (Mexico), Santa Fe (United States of America), Sasayama (Japan), Suzhou (China).

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