Concert of Inna Modja

Concert of Inna Modja

Saturday 1 July 2017 -20:30
Inna Modja
Inna Modja - MB Presse

When you listen to the new album from Inna Modja, you are instantly transported to the heart and soul of Mali.

A singer-songwriter, Inna was born and raised in its capital Bamako. She learned the ropes with "her elders", the Rail Band from Bamako, in whose honour she named this opus — Motel Bamako.

After the success of her two previous albums — Everyday is a New World and Love Revolution, she was compelled to return home to her roots to produce a more personal and intimate album. She recorded Motel Bamako splitting her time between London, Paris and Bamako.

Motel Bamako is a musical voyage in which Sahel blues, electro and hip-hop intertwine. There are also collaborations with Oxmo Puccino and Oumou Sangare. In Tombouctou, she criticises the Northern Mali Conflict against a backdrop of electro loops and guitar riffs led by a proud and defiant rap in the Bambara language.

In Water she stresses the urgent need to find a solution to the water shortage in regions all over the world and in her home country, Mali, in particular.

The video produced by Inna and Marco Conti Skic was filmed in the streets of Bamako, in the Korofina Nord district, a stone’s throw from where her parents live.

On tour since October 2015, Inna is showcasing her third album Motel Bamako live in France and worldwide. Inna mixes and sings live on stage joined by a DJ and a Malian multi-instrumentalist.

"Strong message, poignant lyrics mixed with a flawless groove" - Les Inrocks

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