For a courtesy of thought

For a courtesy of thought

Saturday 1 July 2017 -17:00 to 18:30
Alain Mabanckou

Unprecedented meeting with the Franco-Congolese novelist, poet and essayist, Alain Mabanckou

The world is my language

« Our world is increasingly defined by the people we meet and this suggest a reexamination of our imagination, and therefore the emergence of a courtesy of thought, disassociated from borders and origins and closer to a more diverse humanity. » -

Alain Mabanckou


Alain Mabanckou incarnates this surprising traveller who integrates in the very act of writing the notion of creative mobility from one language to another.

He is the first writer invited at the annual Chair of « Artistic creation » of the Collège de France, and the 4th African to occupy the annual Chair in this institution funded in 1532. These art works are translated in around fifteen languages.

His first novel, Bleu-Blanc-Rouge (1998) was awarded with the Big African littérature Prize. In 2006, he was awarded with the Renaudot Prize for Mémoires de Porc-épic. The same year, the University of California (UCLA) named him professor of the French literature and French-speaking studies’ department.

Appointed for the academic year 2015-2016, Mabanckou hasn’t stop changing French language, because he says « belonging to a generation of writers who break down barriers, refuse the departmentalization of the imaginary because they are conscient that our salvation stands in writing. This writing, which becomes both an entrenchment, …. An ear towards the horizon ».

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