EBN Congress

EBN Congress

The EBN Congress is a partner event of the XI Annual meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities; This event is strictly reserved to the EBN members and will take place in Enghien-les-Bains between 5-7July.

Congrès EBN

The EBN Congress is the annual gathering of professionals in the innovation and entrepreneurship sphere. In 2017, the Congress is jointly organised by EBN (the European Business and Innovation Centre Network), our certified EU|BIC in the region – Val d’Oise Technopole, Retis (the French innovation network), and Agoranov (a startup incubator in Paris).

This Congress will host participants from not just all over Europe, but also South Africa, China, Russian Federation, India, Canada, United States, Brazil, Taiwan...

The Congress is structured around the idea of "OPENNESS"


The Congress will focus on the crucial role EU|BICs have in the creation of jobs and wealth. EU|BICs are important actors, those entrusted to work in direct contact with the entrepreneurs and SMEs. Over three days, the most innovative, most disruptive and most original practices will be presented, contributing to the evolution of the methods of the participating organizations.