Media arts

Media arts

Enghien-les-Bains, a city of innovation and digital development, has spent more than 15 years making a name for itself in the areas of cultural engineering and expertise at the international level (engineering for its floating stage, telepresence technology, 3D holograms, architectural mapping and more).

La création numérique © N.Laverroux

Centre des arts

The city is a seedbed for creativity, research and distribution for the emerging or established digital arts thanks to the action undertaken by its Centre of arts. The Centre des arts (Cda) is the founder of the Digital Arts Network (DAN) and partner to the Académie des Sciences in France as well as Knowledge Capital, a centre for creation in Japan. In 2015 the Cda opened its own incubator for innovative start-ups, Numeric Lab, which aims to promote the creative ecosystem.

Amateur digital practices

The city is also a fantastic laboratory for anyone with an interest in media arts. The Cda promotes the adoption of new technologies and their creative potential amongst all age groups through workshops and artist residences outside the centre. It also encourages the emergence of cross-disciplinary practices by promoting the crossover between media arts and other artistic disciplines, in partnership with the Médiathèque George Sand, the School for music and dance Hippolyte Pinault, and the Cultural Centre François Villon.


A series of media arts cultural events are held through the year.

Concert on the floating stage on the lake (in Summer).

Proud to own the biggest floating stage in Europe at 450 square metres, Enghien-les-Bains has been putting on free concerts on this moored platform on the lake since 2008. The highlight of the summer season, the programme of concerts draws in crowds of nearly 15,000 spectators. Each year, the sets are reinvented and the installations adapted to the vision of the artists.

Monumental projections (during the festive period)

In the run-up to Christmas, the façades of the town hall, St. Joseph’s Church and the Casino Barrière are spectacularly illuminated. Entertaining, eye-catching, poetic and dreamlike, the monumental projections in Enghien-les-Bains are an original spin on traditional Christmas decorations that light up the city at night and attract young and old from all over the region.

Les Bains Numériques - the International Media Arts Biennial

This totally free event open to the public is all about giving visitors an all-encompassing experience in the city and takes over every part of Enghien—the lake, streets, parks, station, market, cultural sites - with installations, exhibitions, performances and concerts.