Musical escape of Creative Cities

Musical escape of Creative Cities

Friday 30 June 2017 -10:00 to Thursday 13 July 2017 -19:00

Creation of a playlist based on iconic music pieces from Music Creative Cities

In partnership with the 19 Music Creative Cities:

Sevilla (Spain), Bologna (Italy), Glasgow (Scotland), Gand (Belgium), Bogota (Colombia), Brazzaville (Democratic Republic of Congo), Hamamatsu (Japan), Hanovre (Germany), Mannheim (Germany), Adélaïde (Australia), Idanha-a-Nova (Portugal), Katowice (Poland), Kingston (Jamaica), Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), Liverpool (England), Medellín (Colombia), Salvador (Brazil), Tongyeong (South Korea), Varanasi (India).


Musical escape of Creative Cities © DR

A playlist will be offered to the general public via a mobile app developed by the start-up Diplopixels providing an aural way to reveal the cultural and musical identity of each city and introduce the public to the musical heritage of each member in the Creative Cities Music Network.

The climax of the Annual Meeting’s artistic programme is a concert to be held on Enghien’s floating stage on 1 July.

The artist picked for the first part will remix the play list to create a fun and festive atmosphere for the spectators.

The Enghien Junior Digital Ensemble (ENJE) from the city’s music school composed of teachers and students will also use the play list as a basis for their musical work through the year.

Three pieces of music representing each of the 19 cities in the music cluster will be created by the ENJE.

The final composition will be performed at a concert in the Jardin des Roses on Saturday 1 July 2017 in the early evening.